Do You Get Nervous & Stressed Before Figure Skating Competitions?

Brian Orser has an app for that!

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Revolutionizing figure skating:

Improve technique: Through visual motor behavioral rehersal.

Change your limiting beliefs: (For example; I can't win, I am too slow).

Control emotional states: So you'll be able to put your problems aside and focus on the moment.

Increase relaxation: To help you sleep at night without having a million thoughts running through your head.

Reduce stress and performance anxiety: Which will make you more confident and consistent during performances.

Increase motivation: To help you train more intensely during practice.

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Yururu Hanyu “Peak Performance Skating helped me find balance in my life so I could focus on my goal and go for it!”

Javier Fernandez “Peak Performance Skating has helped both on and off the ice”

Nam Nguyen “Peak Performance Skating is the reason for my success in my competitions”

And by over 700 figure skaters:

Jamie McSweeney's review “As a skater this app has helped my training as well as help me better prepare for competitions! Amazing! Love it.”

Joel B's review “I bought this app and used it in my first competition for this season and it was amazing as I got a personal best score.”

Lindsey Anderson's revew “As a skater who has faced many challenges: injuries, being off the ice and what not, this app has given me help with visualizing what I should be doing when I'm skating. It keeps me calm and helps when I'm off as well as on the ice.”